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ROXON S501 Multitool 2 in 1 Knife Scissors

$24.95 $29.95
  1. With pearl grey cambered surface, blackening and sand blasting fabrication processing, the KS stands out for elegant and charming.

  2. Knife: 
    Made of 5Cr15, the blade is with high hardness and extremely sharpness. When the knife opened, the liner locker locks immediately to keep safe.

  3. Scissors: 
    Made of 5Cr15, and by CNC fabrication processing, the scissors is sharp enough for you to have an exactly cut without stop, and make you enjoy cutting.

  4. Belt clip:
    Hang on your belt easily and holding fastness,  Detachable anytime as well.

  5. Both the knife and scissors have achieved in optimizing the space utilization, and greatly reduce the extra weight. The net weight of the product is only 138g.

  6. The structure adopts sheet metal technology, and it greatly increases the comfort of the product surface.  It provides a wonderful spiritual enjoyment.

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