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Ganzo Automatic Folding Knife G7212

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Ganzo 7212 knife is a classic folding model. This blade will appeal to everyone who enjoys spending time in the country.

Size of folded Ganzo 7212 is 115 mm, unfolded knife is 200 mm. Whereby the size of the bladed is 85 mm along the length and 3 mm in thickness from the spine. For this model, the manufacturers chose high-quality and, at the same time, inexpensive type of stainless steel – 440C. It consists of some additives that increase the high metal strength (about 58-60 Rockwell units), and good corrosion resistance. Plain-type blade with smooth sharpening. This is the most universal sharpening that allows to do different work with this knife. The blade surface is grounded using “stone-washed” method.

Ganzo 7212 model has a combined handle. Some of its components are made of the same stainless steel as the blade, and some are made of G10 composite fiber-glass plastic. The surface of plastic straps is rough which increases the contact with the palm and prevents the knife from sliding out of palms. Moreover, there is a lanyard hole which is used for additional safety fastening in the arm or to fasten the knife to other objects. One side of the handle has a metal clip that fixes the knife in the pocket or on the wrest belt.


  • 440C high-quality stainless steel;
  • Blade with straight sharpening;
  • Blade length is 85 cm;
  • Total size of the unfolded knife is 200 mm;
  • Knife weight is 135 grams;

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