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Ganzo Automatic Folding Knife G707

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In the unfolded position this model has length of 208 mm, in the folded – 115 mm. Ganzo G707 knife has a spear-type blade (International classification – spear-point). The blade length is 90 mm, and width is 3.6 mm. The blade is made of 440C high-alloy steel which is positively proved in mane industrious sectors. Due to this steel, the blade retains the sharpening for a long time and does not require sharpening.

The handle is made of stainless steel and has wooden inserts. The handle has a special clamping clip using which the knife could be fastened to the belt or any other outfit.


  • Blade is of 440C stainless steel;
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle;
  • Weight is 135 grams.

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