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BRS-28 Camping Non-preheating Gasoline Stove


BRS-28 Camping Non-preheating Gasoline Stove

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Item Description:

Bottle capacity:410ml
Oil consumption:153g/h
Fuel:97 Gasoline
Power:2117 kcal
Purpose: Outdoor Cooking,Camping Cooking,Other Cooking Works.
Place of Origin:China
1.Strong firepower.
2.widely use (individual survival in wild, outdoor leisure, fishing, household using)
3.Fuel sources (gasoline) easy to get, economical and practical(0.45 liters can last 3 hours on big fire)
Product decrisption :
1.Unique windbreak bracker design,effec-tively prevent the flame was blown out.
2.Pump with concealment type design,effectively reduce the volume of stove look more beautiful.
3.Hidden design of safety valve,oil filler can use cions to unscrew.More simple,convenient and beautiful.
4.Non-preheating,no black smoke,use it very convenient,more clean and green.
5.Metal control valve can adjust the firepower,automaticallly plugging technology,more convenient.
6.It can according to different slope to adjust.Keep the stove more smooth,more suitable for complex outdoor environment.
Package List:
1 * Oil Stove
1 * Filter
1 * Plastic Case
1 * Manual

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