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ROXON 6-in-1 Multi BBQ Tool Set S601 MBT3 with Gift Box

  • One lock for Three parts, simply push for lock and unlock.

  • 1.Folding design: Keep a long distance to fire, avoid scale; space saving; portable carrying. 

    2.Slot line remains a strong ribbing technics, weight bearing performance been overall improved.

  • 3.BBQ fork: stick in food, check the doneness of barbequing. Saw-tooth structure of the fork, carry food stable to avoid fallen down easily. 

  • 4.BBQ spatula: barbequing and stir-fly are all under control large area of spatula: not only suitable for barbequing, but also easy for stir-flying of food. Hollow out design: avoid food fallen down from the spatula, leaving out the excess oil of the meat.

  • 5.BBQ Tong: perfect combination from the fork and spatula Soft hand hold Safety and stable Bevel spatula

  • 6.Knife: looks nice use friendly Nice stream line appearance: break through the traditional knife appearance design, get its own fashion style inside a multi BBQ tool. 13cm knife blade: long blade get a longer distance from the food to avoid high heating scale during barbequing.


New developed, patented and passed LFGB Test. 
Product Name: MBT3 BBQ Multi Tool
Item No.: S601
Function: Spatula, Fork, Tongs, Sharp Knife, Bottle Opener, Wine Corkscrew
Material: 430 Stainless steel, Aluminium+ PP for handle
Closed Size: 28.2x6.9x3.0 cm
Spatula Open Length: 25.9 cm
Fork Open Length: 23.3 cm
Knife Blade Length: 13 cm
Product Net Weight: 526 g
Package: MBT3 BBQ tool + nylon pouch + gift box
Gift Box Size: 32.7x11.1x5.3 cm

Roxon MBT3 YouTube Video:
3.Barbecue tongs
4.Sharp knife
5.Bottle opener
6.Wine corkscrew

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