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Fire-Maple FMS-360 Butane Gas Torch BlowTorch Flame Gun /w Ignitor

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Fire-Maple's 360°  Blue-Flame Blowtorch can be used in all directions for 360  and the size of the flame can be adjusted
Flame temperature of the gun can be as high as 1400 degrees and  the structure is referred to  the designation of ergonomics, besides, the designation of color matching of the gun comes from the natural.


Brand: Fire-Maple
Model No.: FMS-360

Material: stainless steel, aluminum and engineering plastics
Occations: Explore, hiking and camping
Colors: Silver


Dimensions : 160*36.5*55mm
Weight : 148g
Power:  2400w
Scope of application  : Outdoor fire taking,barbecue, cake baking and ice-out,  bamboo wood processing and so on

Package include:
1 * Gas Torch

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