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Fire Maple FMS-100T Titanium Camping Gas Stove

$82.36 $102.95
Major body of this stove is titanium and weight is less than 200g.The 
design maximize the flexibility and using area. Six foldable supporting legs 
makes the supporting range more large and make sure it is more steady. The total 
metal edges remind us of the transformers.With two-channel weight is less than 
200g,more portable to carrying.
The knob of valve can control the power exactly.
Six foldable supporting legs toward to three directions,ensure supporting and stability 
more better when using.
Stove body can be used as a wind-screen andit is more efficiency when burning.
With two-channel FMS-100Tis widely suitable for any environment, ensure the
function is stable in high elevation and coldest environment.

Name: King Kong Titanium Stove

Size: 152×110mm(96.6×70.2mm)

Weight: 199g

Power: 2450W

Scope: Extreme Exploration




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