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BRS-29B Camping Outdoor Gasoline Non-Preheating Oil Stove

$69.95 $89.95

Brand: BRS

Item: BRS-29B
Color: Green
Material: Copper Alloy and Stainless steel

1.Non-Preheating,use it more simple and save more time,more clean,can greatly reduce the maintenance frequency.
2.Oil filler unique design is explosion-proof. When pressure is highest it can pressure relief automatic,ensure use safety.
3.The bottom of bracket has three gear to adjust.keep smooth and more suitable for complex outdoor environment.
4.Unique design of pressure needle can be intuitive show the internal pressure of tank.ensure use more simple

Fuel capacity: 450 ml
Net weight: 567g
Output : 2117kw
Consumption: 185g/h
Purpose: Outdoor Cooking,Camping Cooking,Other Cooking Works.

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